• Ronictha

    Halloween's coming up

    November 9, 2012 by Ronictha

    On 31 October, it was Halloween day that is celebrated in the United States. People should wear costumes to celebrate the Halloween day. If you have never celebrated Halloween, you will be proud to have been celebrated in fear. Children are certainly going to your house to "Trick or Treat". Trick or Treat is one of the kids ask for candy to you. You have to get ready for Trick or Treat.

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  • JamesTechno998

    I need some characters to join the series but only few joined. I also need some episodes or chapters to finish it but some are sensititve to think that the role of their characters. That's just the beginning of the problem, a single episode may take a week but i'm busy from school and i need help or suggestions from all users.

    Season 1: Sonic and the Steel of Darkness (Prelude)

    1. A New Era
    2. Warmed UP
    3. Bubble Trouble
    4. Academic Distinction
    5. Camping with a Zorua
    6. Deserted Forest
    7. Royal Annoyance
    8. Major Bio Problem
    9. Electrical Shutdown
    10. The Grand Prix
    11. Cheating beyond the Rule
    12. Smoking Habit
    13. Dire Education
    14. Love Intellect
    15. A Haunted Illusion
    16. The Ookami Visitor
    17. Don't mess with GUN
    18. Blazing Storm
    19. Space Sweepers

    Sonic and the Steel of Darkness: The Movie

    1. Crack, Shock and Fall
    2. Supreme …

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  • Metal the Rogue

    Oh great.

    August 24, 2012 by Metal the Rogue

    I'm gonna be blocked from sfw, again. For the last time it isn't my freaking fault.

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  • JamesTechno998

    A Little Help?

    May 26, 2012 by JamesTechno998

    I wish someone help me on making my fangame. There are no talks in the page and my progress is still short. I need a help from anyone, just one tip. This is my dream. I like to become a Video Game Maker.

    (You can add your support in this list)

    • The Legend Bladers
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