Edmund Stropher

Edmund Arthur Stropher (full name)

Eddy (Sundae's nickname for him)


1 (current)

12 (future)

Gender Male
Species Red Fox

Copy Machine (after his father)

Sneaky Hacker (after his father)

Super Shocker (after his father)

Lightining Force (after his moter)

Bolt Shower (after his mother)

Virus outbreak (after his mother)

Soul body (after both his parents)


Aaron the Hedgefox (son of Kitty the Fox and Super the Hedgehog)

Cherry the Arctic Fox (adoptive daughter of Kitty)

Enemis none as of current
Romantic Interest none as of current

Edmund Stropher the Red Fox Edmund Arthur Stropher, currently aged one years of age, is the first son and only child of Trinitro "James" Stropher and Emilia-Jane "Sundae" Stropher. He