"This machine is powered up by the negative energy of the 7 Chaos Emeralds. It is even stronger than what I build last 4 years ago. GET READY TO MEET YOUR DOOM, HEDGEHOG" --Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Egg Knightmare
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First Appearance:

Sonic and the Steel of Darkness











It is a machine that was piloted by Eggman in the Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. Due to the red alert, its still incomplete but its already powered up. The machine is a copy from the Death Egg Robot. Its skin is made up of the

shell of the Egg Dragoon. Its attacks are naturally made up of the Nightmare Fog. It has a rocket engine at its back that allows it to balance in flying and hover in the air for a minimum time. It has all the E-Series2 powers that it was stored on the armor.


According to JamesTechno998, he was the hardest robot to make up as the "final boss" for the game and anime. He wanted to make his theme like a living puppet but he decided to combine the E-Series2's parts to finalize the artwork.


Sonic: "EGGMAN!!"

Dr. Eggman: "Hmph, my machine is now fully charged and there's nothing you can do about it"

Sonic: "Let's see about that..............." (1st phase starts)

Super Sonic: "Let's see that I can break his shell" (charges through the force field)

Eggman: (force field destroyed) "Aaaarrgghh, you fidgety little hedgehog"

Super Sonic: "Nighty night Eggman........." (2nd phase starts)



  • JamesTechno998
    1. April 2012- "Hmm, too......"disfigured".......I better start re-paint it"
    2. October 4 2012- "Okay, I got no more ideas's the new design"
    3. October 27 2012- "I prefer this is the best concept to fit the machine"

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