Ion the hedgehog

ion the hedgehog




ion has white fur with black shorts. he has white cloves with a green ring around his wrist he has red. white and black shoes with grey socks. he has yelllow pupils and a red bandana on his head

in his alpha form, his fur is the same color except his spines spiked up like super sonic, but he has a pure white aura all around him, the rest of his appearance is the same

in his omega form, his fur color is greyish black, instead of his spines bing like super sonic, his spines are more like super sonic 3 (picture below) his aura is dark red, the rest of his appearance is tha same


ion is more of a serious and confedent hedgehog. he can be happy at times


ion is a part of G.U.N's spy organization, but does his job seriously, he does not play when it comes to being a spy. but when he's not on the job he hangs around with sonic and the gang. he is born with a tribe that warships the gaia's he was the only one chosen to have a light transfromation, given by the gaia's themselves.

Power TypeEdit

normal form: chaos

alpha: light, chaos

omega: dark, chaos

Special AbilitiesEdit


katana welding


normal form:

  • chaos sphere (only used with chaos emerald)
  • choas blast (only used with chaos emerald)
  • chaos pulse (only used with chaos emerald)
  • sonic speed

enlightened form:

  • light chaos sphere
  • light chaos blast
  • super sonic speed
  • light flaming burst
  • infinte flight


his weak spot is not there but it can be spoted from within. his weak spot is unknown

Sonic RidersEdit

"time to take it to the next level" sonic riders quote (slected)

ex gear type: hoverboard

ex gear name: ionic speed

speed: 10
Ion the hedgehog sonic riders style


limit: 10

curve: 9

boost level: 5

level 1: pulls katana out and slashes his opponets

level 2: katana changes into energy sword for more powerful shashes

level 3: turns invisable for 7 seconds

level 4: invisabability extends to 10 seconds

level 5: pulls pistal out for long range attacks

sonic and the black knightEdit

knight name: sir tistam

Ion- Sir Tristram

sir tristam