"Hmm, it seems that you are very persistent than what the doctor said..." --Nova Corona

Nova Corona
"Guardian of the Fire"

First Appearance:

Sonic and the Steel of Darkness





Nova Corona, a robot that was design for volcanic exploration. He appeared in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. He has a high temperature of 7400 degress celsius. He stores magma inside him and convert it to a living weapon. His overdrive attack, Nova Strike, can bring volcanic bombs high in the sky and fires down like a meteor shower.


He flies around the arena and fires his Fire Arm. He will uses his Flame Storm to shaken the ground and causing an inflict damage on the player. He's overdrive attack, Nova Strike, can fire volcanic bombs at the sky and forms a lava pool. His weakness is the Time Freeze, but it may easily runs out of energy so use it wisely. In Extreme Mode, he will pour some oil on the arena and fires his Flame Storm to form the lava pool early in the stage.


"This emerald could be useful to powerup the entire base."

"What makes you say that? Eggman wants us to conquer the entire world..... with fear."

"If you want it.... you must get the price..."

Battle QuotesEdit

"Eat this"


"Flame Storm"

"What just happen?" (got hit by Time Freeze)

"Uh oh" (got hit by Time Freeze)

"Let see can you dodge THIS" (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"NOVA STRIKE" (prepares an Overdrive Attack)

"You'll pay for this..." (Defeated)