Age: 14 years old

Gender: Male

Species: Canine

Specialists: Detective

Best Friend: Miles "Tails" Prower

Alignment: Good

Favorite Food: Meaty Pellets


He's very intelligent similar to Tails. He sometimes modest and loves to build stuff. He's very resourceful when comes to crafting. He befriends Tails because of their common relationship. He has also a love interest with Tina but he tried to hide it by arguing or ignoring. He's very ticklish when Tails ask him that he likes her. He likes to read books and invent more gadgets to help Tails.


  • Arm-Cannon, Taser Pull, Stasis-Field, Stealth and Sentry Turret Command
  • Crafting weapons and gadgets
  • Hacking computers
  • Planting traps
  • Chemistry
  • Robotics
  • Commands all robots
  • Detective skills

Favorite Theme SongEdit

Rockman exe beast opening FULL

Rockman exe beast opening FULL

Rockman EXE Beast


He and Tina has a love interest on both of them. He sometimes hide them by arguing or ignoring her. He sometimes blush when he talks to her. There's one time that Tails reveals his love by tickling him. He has some problems after Tails revealed it by blackmailing him.