A fan made game created by JamesTechno998 in 2012. It was first created as a simple artwork but it was improved to be develop into a full game. It is starring about the series of Sonic the Hedgehog


(Under improvements)


Sonic the Hedgehog- the main character of the game. With his new ring, he can able to do combat moves and uses the power of the E-Series.

Miles "Tails" Prower- a two-tailed fox who helps Sonic along the way. He helps Sonic by upgrading his Power Ring and tells information during the levels.

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik- the main antagonists in the game and he's the one who created the E-Series. He's invention, Egg Nightmare, can help him take over the world using the power of fear.

E-Series- Their the guardians of each zone and trying to stop Sonic from ruining Eggman's scheme. They have all different personalities but sometimes they aren't getting along because of their lack of different abilities. They are all loyal to their creator and trying to serve everything he wants.


The entire gameplay is in 16-Bit but the characters can still talk with their voice. The hazards are more deadly however the Ring Lost never went down to zero but reduce it by 20 instead. The background music is been remixed from the other games mostly on Megaman Series. The upgrades can be seen on the pause menu and Tails Workshop. The Element Chips can be used but it has limited supplies. Upgrades like the Speed, Attacks, and Energy can unlock more moves and effects by acquire a specific level. The subtitles are shown when interact from a character or a boss. The information of the characters can be shown on the Galleries at Tails Workshop. We even add a stage select and a mission select for the story.



Full PlotEdit



(Players must control the robot version of the characters including Metal Sonic)

  • Metallic Chaos- knock players out of the field similar to the Super Smash Bros.
  • Bean Machine- connect the pipes to send blue energy liquid to the robot suit before the players finish first.
  • Fortress Defense- grab the goal ring and protect the fortress before the player gets to your goal ring first.

Music ThemeEdit

Rockman 8, Stage Select theme, arranged by BREIS

Rockman 8, Stage Select theme, arranged by BREIS

Music theme for Opening Theme

Wily Castle Boss Battle(Mega Man 10) remix

Wily Castle Boss Battle(Mega Man 10) remix

Music theme for Title Theme

Mega Man Battle Network 3- N1 Grand Prix

Mega Man Battle Network 3- N1 Grand Prix

Music theme for Mini-game Selection

Rockman 10 AST, T08 - Boss

Rockman 10 AST, T08 - Boss

Music theme for Secret Boss