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Characters (Humans)Edit

Isaac Aenon Tsen Siong Yeen

Characters (Animals)Edit

Chapter One:The BeginningEdit

A young boy was on detention in a room,he said "Why me? Am I always a victim? " Now,the young boy's name was Isaac which means "laughter".He lives in a World named Fallen,his face was pale,he had brown-black hair,and a small nose.Now,he is usually bullied everyday,yet he is advance in his studies.He is bullied because he did a remarkable thing by winning a special award for 2 years,this make his friends envy him.No one wants to be his friend,even though he is kind,friendly,gentle,and kind of handsome look.Sometimes,those who bully or threaten him will usually shove,push or punch him hard,which his teachers dont believe him of that.Now his friends and companions turn away from him,his teachers and headmaster don't know him,and the whole school hates and torture him.He is a tortured and an unknown person.But even though he is in times of trouble,he still love and commits his life to the Lord.You may ask why he had detention? Bullies had beaten him and made Chaos,until the headmaster came and said "Who did this? " and the bullies said "Isaac" which was not true.So Isaac was detained for a day in school.Isaac said "Lord please help me!!".Then,suddenly,a huge blast of white light opened the door.The light said "Isaac,your adventure has begun." So Isaac ran out of school and he was relieved.Suddenly,a black portal sucked him into another World.

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