"Whoever broke that rule will be sent to our most intimidating class of all yet" --TiDi 

Tails Doll MK-2
"The Mayhem Master"

First Appearance:

Mayhem Master








Chess, Card Games,

TiDi (Tails Doll MK-2) is a learning sentient animatronic who is in charge of the reconstructed Steelwork Academic Instituition building. He is known to be the headmaster of the entire facility and has absolute control on its surroundings. He is the only known representative and tutor for the SAI Character Improvement Program. During class trials, he is the judge and executioner of the Court Hall


Similar to the infamous Tails Doll, he is a mechanical robot in a shape of a yellow fox. He has a fixed smile on his lower facial area. He has a normal right eye, which can be altered by his emotions, while the other one only covered by a large purple button. He wears a bluish red-stripe top hat with a red attennae. He also wears a red ribbon around his neck. Some part of his body were covered with fabric, which hides his metal endoskeleton. He can protrudes needles in his hands that look like claws. He always carries his famous uppity symbol, a cane-like gavel that can stretch into a wooden mallet. Unlike Tails Doll, he has no tails.


TiDi has a childish but sadistic personality. He is very forceful when it comes to getting their attention. He is also time-obsessed and he doesn't like changing schedules instantly. He is very attentive in all activities and handles them professionally. He makes another habit of capturing everyone's movement (including privacy) with his hidden cameras in their bedrooms. He also tends to handle most situations in a calm state. He has a high intelligence and he thinks logically before his next move. Due to this, he has a special hobby of gambling (mostly without money) and playing Chess. During trials, he treats everyone fairly and honestly. However, during his Watch Mode at night, he became very hostile to anyone who is not in their proper bedrooms.


Trivia Edit

  • Originally, he was created for the Sonic and the Steel of Darkness series, using a prototype design. 
  • He mostly use chess terms whenever he speaks, comments or explains.
  • He shows no emotions during Watch Mode.