Tina Melonote
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First Appearance:

Sonic and the Steel of Darkness





English Voice Actor:


Filipino Voice Actor:

Sofia Potente

Age: 14 years old

Gender: Female

Species: Lynx

Specialists: Guitarist 

Best Friend: Amy Rose

Alignment: Good

Favorite Food: Strawberry Shakes


Tina has a strict life back in her childhood days. Her parents expected her to be better, making her focus more on her studies and work. She was having a hard time on making friends with others. Occasionally, she was teased and bullied from her classmates in school. Due to this, she has somewhat develop dementia. She was pressured and becoming more ill than ever. Before the start of the Mecha Wars, she worked as an intern for Mina's concert. She's in charge of the equipment and schedules for the concert. She's also Vincent's housekeeper when her duty is off.


She's a kind girl who likes to sing. She's good at playing instruments and likes to hang out with Amy. She sometimes a bit naive but very kind. She and Richard have a love interest but she was getting annoyed when he ignore her. She loves to play with Cream and sings a lot of songs.


  • Musical Blade, Ring Grenade, Noise Crush, Love Darts and Guitar Rifle
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Singing
  • Musical Hypnotism
  • Musical Charm

Favorite Theme SongEdit

Best VGM 1031 - Portal 2 - Want You Gone

Best VGM 1031 - Portal 2 - Want You Gone

Want You Gone


She has a love interest from Richard. She sometimes blush but unlike Richard, she never gets rude to him. She oftenly needs an advice from Amy about boys. She also has a romantic interest with Akrivus. She sometimes got nervous from her parents...a lot!!