"I feel there are three sides or forms inside of me,my negative emotions which is my SubSpace Demon form,it resembles the demon or devil inside of me,my positive emotions which is my Ultra form,it resembles the angel inside of me,and my normal emotions which is my Halloween form but it is Neutral,they keep fighting each other inside me to take over my whole self except my Halloween form,I don't know how to control both of my emotions,forms or sides,but I will try to control myself from being the negative side of me or the demon side inside of me and rather my positive side or the angel inside of me,to take over me,but yet the negative side is trying to take over me so I need a Hero or Saviour,to save me right now or else I am doomed and my life will end.What am I going to do?I need help right now or else I will die!"

Titanium the Hedgehog-

Titanium the Hedgehog
Titanium the Hedgehog
"Titanium the Hedgehog"
Titanium's Information


Titanium the Hedgehog

Full Name:

Cyber Inferno "Titanium" Steel the Hedgehog

Real Name:

Fiery the Hedgehog











Relationship Status:


Voiced By



Black and Red







Current Residence:


Titanium the Hedgehog is a half-hedgehog and half-robot who currently lives in Metropolis.His ability is he can teleport to space and break gravity if he have the power to do that.Despite of being a cyborg he has disavantages and advantages in his metal suit.Titanium currently has 3 forms they are Ultra,SubSpace Demon and Halloween form and his forms or sides are fighting inside of Titanium to take over him except his Halloween form.He owns a emerald called the Cosmic Emerald and a robot named D.A.V.E which means Destructive Armoured Valuable Entity.


Titanium has black spines which are short with red spines inside his quills,red eyes except for his left eye which it has titanium placed on it,he wears his shoes always with brown socks,his clothes hide his parts where it have been robotizced and his special weapons like antimatter orbs,lasers and etc.His clothes also is made out of special proof from water,acid,and poison or else he will break into pieces.

When Titanium has transformed into his SubSpace Demon form,Titanium will have purple fur,his eyes will be completely black,gloves will be white,and his color of his quills will be purple too.When Titanium transformed into his Ultra form his fur and quills will be red,and his eyes and gloves are completely light blue,Titanium when he is in his Ultra form,his gloves signifies positive power.The metal eye of Titanium will be gone when he is in any form like his Ultra or SubSpace Demon form.

When Titanium transforms into his Halloween form,his metal eye patch will be black same with his right eye,his quills will be orange and at the tip of the quills are red and black,the gloves will turn ragged,his shirt will be black,but he has red wings,and a demon tail for his Halloween form.

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