Zeus X Madoka is a romantic relationship between Zeus the Hedgehog and Madoka Heart the Hedgehog .
Zeus X Madoka

TalkPlay Number:1Edit

Madoka:hhhmmm I wonder who will be my love

  • robots attack Madoka*


  • a Male Hedgehog destroy the robots*



Madoka:so what is your name?

Zeus:oh my name is Zeus the Hedgehog

Zeus:*blushes because of Madoka* well you look beautiful,lady

Madoka:*giggles and blushes* you can call me Madoka

Madoka:*remembers something* oh I almost forgot I have to get ready for tonight's Festival

Zeus:Ok bye


  • Madoka went to her house*

Madoka:*sighs* Im scared,i cant admit that I love him

Zeus:*sighs* I wish I can admit how much I love her

  • at the Festival*

Madoka:hhhmmm I wonder where are my friends *bumps with a person*

Madoka:Im sorry I didnt meant to--

Zeus:thats alright Madoka

Madoka:O_O Zeus,i want to tell you something.

Zeus:And I have something to tell you too

Madoka:What is it?

Zeus:I-I-I l-l-love y-y-you

Madoka: ......

Zeus:*in mind* I think Madoka is going to kill me



Madoka:*full with tears* I AM ALSO IN LOVE WITH YOU *kisses Zeus and puts her head on his chest*

Zeus:*blushes and kiss Madoka* I love you too

TalkPlay Number:2Edit

Madoka:Hey Zeus *hugs Zeus*

Zeus:Hello my Dear *kiss Madoka*

Zeus:GAH *falls down to the ground*

Madoka:ZEUS *tries to wakes up Zeus*

Zeus:Hehehehe HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA *turns into Dark Form*

D Zeus:*teleports Madoka and buries her*

D Zeus:Now I will kill people

  • Dark Zeus kills people and eat their soul*

Police:Stay where you are *shoots Dark Zeus*


Police:*scatters everywhere*


Madoka:*dig her way out* I gotta find Zeus

Madoka:*in mind* I feel I am not Zeus' special one *cries*

D Zeus:*went to a forest* No one find me here

Madoka:*went to the forest* Zeus?

D Zeus:HA *strangles Madoka*

Madoka:AH Zeus stop it

D Zeus:Be quiet *about to kill her*


D Zeus:any last words?

Madoka:I love you even though you want to kill me *kisses Dark Zeus*

Dark Zeus:*turns normal*

Zeus:Madoka what happened?

Madoka:oh Zeus *hugs her*

Zeus:*hugs her*

TalkPlay Number:3Edit

Madoka:Hey Zeus I am going for my family renioun in Metropolis.Ok?

Zeus:yep,you can go to your family buisness

Madoka:thanks,I will be back in 2 days


  • The next day*

Zeus:*dreams* *something knocks off his feet* WOAH *falls down and the earth moved beneath*

Zeus:*sees an angel and a demon*

Zeus:*opens the door* *fell through the floor* AAAAAAAHHHHHHH *slip to the cracks into nowhere*

Zeus:*wakes up* AH it was just a dream

Zeus:AAAAHHH *something cut him and he bleeds* AAAAAAAHHHHHH I am going to die *faints*

Zeus:*in his mind* I give up I let the pressure break me down

Madoka:Zeus Im back O_O ZEUS are you alright?

Zeus:*pants* Madoka everything fell down like thunder

Madoka:Sorry Zeus

Zeus:thats alright *kiss Madoka*

Madoka:thanks *kiss Zeus*


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